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  • Mat Pilates #1

    All you need is a mat for this Classical Pilates series aimed at strengthening, toning and lengthening your obliques and legs. Pre and Postnatal approved.

  • Mat Pilates #2

    Grab a mat and get ready for a Pilates series that will target your obliques, hamstrings and booty!

  • Mat Pilates #3

    Mat Pilates #3 focuses on intense floor work to bring balance and strength to your core and legs. You'll work each side of your body separately to address imbalances, flexibility and bring a new challenge to your workout.

  • Mat Pilates #4

    The side series is called upon heavily in this intense mat circuit. You'll use your entire body to tone and define your core and thighs.

  • Mat Pilates #5

    The 5th video in Lisa's Mat Pilates series will have your entire body working to create long, lean lines and increase flexibility.

  • Mat Pilates #6

    Get ready to tone and lengthen your core and thighs big time. Grab a mat and let's get our Burn on!

  • Mat Pilates #7-with Weights!

    time to up your mat Pilates game in this 18-minute total body workout

  • Mat Pilates #8

  • Mat Pilates #9