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  • LCM Fit Pregnancy

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    Lisa's Fit Pregnancy and Beyond seminars and certification have been a destination for Bay Area trainers and moms-to-be for 14 years in San Francisco, where she owns and operates 3 Burn Pilates studios. She is thrilled to be able to bring her method to clients all over the world with her book and...

  • The Fix: The Method Workout 3

    1 video  |   Buy $19.99

    In the third of The Fix series, Lisa takes you through a fast-paced and intense full-body workout that blends Hiit Cardio drills, Mat Pilates and Intense Ashtanga Yoga sets to help you connect to your body and release what's holding you back.


    1 video  |   Buy $19.99

    In the first video from her new method, Lisa will guide you through Intense Ashtanga Yoga sets to help you access emotions that are stored in your body. After peeling back the layers and priming your body, she'll take you through challenging cardio and strength training series meant to release, r...

  • The Method Workout 2

    1 video  |   Buy $19.99

    This workout will challenge you physically while helping you free your mind. Lisa will guide you through cardio, strength and yoga sequences designed to help you access and release emotions stored in the physical body. Through concentrated deep movements and challenging sets, you will be able to ...